Friday, June 17, 2011

Cultural Medium

The World is one single unified market. How would Kerala fit in? Or rather, how should Kerala fit in? The World is a market place for those who produce in excessively large volumes, be it cars, textiles, buttons, tiles or IT enabled services. We are not a large volume producer. We are a specialized niche value producer. (rather than saying an unapologetic “we are just consumers”!)

Plus, our land is owned in a highly equitable pattern. There are few landless folks and there are even fewer folks who own vast tracts of land. Vast tracts of land for enterprise are basic to participate in the world economy directly.

We need to focus on high value and not mass volumes. 8 lane highways are meant to exploit the ecology and move huge volumes of whatever produce. That idea runs counter grain to the nature of our opportunity in the world economy.

High value is a concept that needs a cultural medium to exist in and nourish it. Cultural medium takes shape in public expressions. They are expressed through festivals, in art shows, in theatre, in social art, in public protests etc. And all these happen in PUBLIC PLACES.

That's why we need quality public spaces in Kerala and very urgently. Because, our life depends on it.

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